MainSiteMaking submissions can be awful, tedious work—especially for new writers who do not have the support system, time, and focus needed to make submissions effective. Writing query letters and cover letters, trying to find the best literary journals or the right literary agents, following submission guidelines, creating a system for tracking submissions, and then, after all of that, getting rejection after rejection—it can be very frustrating.

That’s where Writer’s Relief comes in.

Writer’s Relief is an author’s submission service that was established in 1994 to help creative writers prepare and target their submissions for publication. Writer’s Relief is NOT a literary agency, publisher, or publicity firm. The Writer’s Relief staff acts as a dedicated team of personal assistants who specialize in the submission process.

“Can writers make successful submissions on their own?” says Ronnie L. Smith, founder and president of Writer’s Relief. “Absolutely they can. But the fact is, few writers really want to dedicate enough of their time, resources, and energy to doing paperwork. They would rather be writing. Here at Writer’s Relief, we have the focus, drive, and positive energy that it takes to develop and maintain successful submission strategies for our clients.”

Book authors have their query letters and manuscript pages targeted to literary agents (because most book publishers do not accept unagented submissions). Writers of poems, stories, and essays have their work targeted to reputable online and print literary journals for publication. Writer’s Relief’s targeting is personalized for each client; markets are selected with care for the author’s unique voice, interests, word count, publishing history, and more.

Although A La Carte Services are available for writers who want to submit casually and intermittently, Full Service clients benefit most from the company’s expertise. With the Full Service, Writer’s Relief prepares a submission packet based on its precision targeting; then clients send out their submissions from their homes.

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